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Fairfield County's  Favorite Pet Sitters  and 
Dog Walking Services

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We love every pet as if it were our own.


There is nothing better than coming home from a hectic day and being greeted by a loving pet. No wonder we treat them like members of the family. At Whiskers Pet Sitting your pet is a member of our family too -- a family of pet care professionals.


Whether we are taking your dog for a walk, administering medicine, or feeding a favorite meal, our first concern is your pet's safety and happiness. If an unforseen circumstance arises -- like you are stuck in traffic or your flight is delayed -- one of our staff will return to your home if needed or make an emergency visit. Think of us as the concierge of pet sitting. Whatever needs to happen to care for your pet we are ready. 


In addition to dogs, cats, fish and birds we also care for small furry animals such as hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and rabbits. As much as we love them, we do not care for pets that require live food such as snakes or other reptiles.


At Whiskers Pet Sitting all of our staff are fully insured and bonded.

Just a few of our services:

  • Text, email, phone updates

  • Administration of medication and/or injections

  • Mail/Newspaper collection

  • Watering of indoor plants

  • Litter or cage cleaning

  • Transportation 

  • No charge for initial, “get to know you and your pet” visit

  • Cuddle, play time, licks and hugs

Call or text us today! 203-581-6813

Loving Pet Sitting For Family Pets
  • In-Home Pet Sitting
  • Cat Sitting
  • Emergency Transportation
  • Day & Night Time Walks
  • Administering Medication
  • Overnight Pet Sitting
We're available when you need us. Call, text or email today! 
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